[Gabriel Big Bang] Luck: Masterpost

Title: Luck
Author: write_rewrite
Artist: burdenedbones
Beta: pugglemuggle
Pairing (if any): Gabriel/Balthazar
Word count: 32, 368
Warnings/Spoilers: Sexual content and swearing.

Summary: Gabriel Novak counts on his luck to get him through all the hard roads, and it’s never failed him yet. He manages to get out of Dodge quick enough to put his past behind him, and for a while, lives in England with relative peace. Then the war swings around, and Gabriel’s in the midst of the fighting, the marching, the bloodshed and the dead, and he starts to think that, maybe, being lucky isn’t the great gift he thought it’d be.

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[Gabriel Big Bang] Luck: Chapter 1

Notes: Here is the masterpost for this fic. Originally, this was meant to be the prequel to another fic, but there was too much in it that I wanted to keep, so it became a fic in its own right. I tried to keep it as historically accurate as possible, aided continuously by my amazing alpha and beta readers, pugglemuggle and burdenedbones.

When the men at the recruiting office had asked him how old he was, Gabriel’d tried out his brand new Yorkshire accent and said nineteen.

They’d bought it without blinking.

It was a proud moment in his life, hoodwinking all those men like that. They’d given him a pack and clothes and promised him a paycheck, and he’d shipped off to France on the first barge out. The war was supposed to be over by Christmas; the great British Army could handle a few uppity Germans and starved-out Italians– and he wasn’t English, but it got to him, listening to all the poetry that started spouting from every corner, seeing all the posters on the walls.

Plus, the money was good for someone who wasn’t earning any.

So he’d gone, with his neat-pressed uniform and Brooke’s ‘forever England’ in his mind. Lads his age sang on the train to Dover, and he joined in, making up lyrics as he went. Nobody really noticed; it was all a parade to them.

Everybody said the war’d be over by Christmas. With those odds, not signing up was stupid.

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[Gabriel Big Bang] Luck: Chapter 2

Notes: Here is the masterpost for this fic.

The higher-ups gave the call for the push at early dawn. Private Gabriel Novak had been sneaking out of the Second-Lieutenant’s tent when the message came in over the radio, and his stomach stayed in knots until Balthazar came to report.

Balthazar marched into the barracks, his hat still askew and his gloves missing. Gabriel looked at the ground as he buckled on his shoes, his ears aching with the rattle-snap of men talking, dressing, metal on guns and helmets clanking.

Cas sat next to him, and gave him a long, level look, like a cat that’d just spotted its next meal. The corner of his mouth twitched, and he looked from him, then looked to the Second Lieutenant, then looked back at him.

Gabriel narrowed his eyes at him, and studied his shoes. The less he played with Cas, the less Cas would snicker about it later.

“Your top button’s undone,” said Cas.

Gabriel reached up for it, and found it closed. He narrowed his eyes. “Bit late in life to develop a sense of humour,” he said.

Cas smiled, “you always say jokes write themselves,” he got out before Balthazar rapped for silence.

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[Gabriel Big Bang] Luck: Chapter 3

Notes: Here is the masterpost for this fic.

Business was slow tonight, but he caught a few new faces in the crowd, and that always meant good things. One of them, a guy in a billionaire suit and an accent to match, sat right down at the bar and looked at him like he was the reason for all his problems – he got that a lot, just dealing with people.

Gabe figured it was just something they picked up off his face.

“Another one,” said the man at the end of the bar; slicked-back hair, coal eyes. He wore a tipped hat, no card in it, and had big, white hands that hadn’t seen work.

Gabe slid a glass over to him and said, “You new here?”

“Something like that,” said the man, his voice disdainful and gravel-rough. “Came here for work and found this bloody masquerade.” He eyed the glass as though checking for poison, and grunted, “And nobody serves a bloody good whiskey here, either.”

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[Gabriel Big Bang] Luck: Chapter 4

Notes: Here is the masterpost for this fic.

A man staggered past him, pissed off his face and reeking of river-water, and he hooked his arm around Gabriel’s neck and said, “It’s gon’ be a miserable life from now on.”

Gabriel, fresh from a trip where he’d spat up more of his food than he’d kept down, disoriented and low, blinked in surprise at him and went to ask someone what was happening. He found bars of angry men, drinking anything they could get their hands on. A bartender at the Roadhouse, after serving the guy next to him, told him, “Drinkin’s illegal now, kid, haven’t you been listening?”

Prohibition passed January 17th, at midnight, and people across America had been drinking loose and fast ever since the New Year, the last New Year before the taps guttered dry and owning a bottle of sunshine got you jail time. Shops were giving it away, three bottles for a dollar, and every ten seconds, a new party sprang up with different types of booze. In Detroit, stills got raided by the cops and Canadian hooch mushroomed from the woods. Cops were told, Take this and keep your mouth shut, and some of them took that deal, and some of them didn’t.

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[Gabriel Big Bang] Luck: Chapter 5

Notes: Here is the masterpost for this fic.

There were a lot of people in this town who’d, somehow, gotten wind of the raids after the seventeenth and hidden their stock somewhere safe; there were new guys, up and comers, who ordered big and hid it away for future purposes. Gabriel didn’t do that for the same reason he didn’t drive a flashy car and advertise: the lower key you were, the better.

And low-key meant access to information. He had friends. He had a lot of friends and a lot of customers who swallowed their grudges but forgot to zip up their mouths after the liquor’d sunk in deep.

So he knew a couple places. Had a few in mind.

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[Gabriel Big Bang] Luck: Chapter 6

Notes: Here is the masterpost for this fic.

Gabriel’d fallen into bed as soon as he’d gotten home. He hadn’t lain there for more than an hour or two before a door banged somewhere, very loudly, and woke him. Castiel loomed in his doorway with the paper.

“I am unfamiliar with this career choice,” said Castiel, advancing into the room, “but I believe we may have a problem.”

“Huh?” said Gabe, struggling to sit up, sinking back into the pillows and back towards sleep – was it raining? No, the sunlight came spilling in like watercolour paint. “Whatcha talkin’ ‘bout?”

Castiel handed over the newspaper.

“’Strangler strikes again’?” Gabe read and looked up. “Hey, it’s interestin’ news, but what’s that got to do with me? I haven’t been strangling anyone.”

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Title: Flee
Fandom: Kuroshitsuji AU: Mafia.
Author: [info]write_rewrite
Rating: PG-13.
Pairings: William Spears / Ronald Knox.
Warnings: None.
Notes: As a request for someone on DA. It feels very strange to revisit this universe; even stranger to upload something related to it
Summary: When it all boils down to this, William regrets his life but he's given a second chance

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Title: Sparks
Fandom: Magic Kaitou/Detective Conan
Author: [info]write_rewrite 
Rating:  PG-13.
Pairings: Saguru Hakuba/Kaito Kuroba.
Warnings: None.
Notes: Based on headcanon with auragirl who plays a very amazing Kaito. Set when the boys are a bit older: most of the detectives are working full time at the police department and Kaito has taken up the family business (the other family business) and become a magician. Critique very much welcome.
Summary: Saguru can't concentrate on work today.

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